Wooden products - an overview
Wood is a natural product which is constantly affected by changes in the surrounding atmosphere. Moisture in the air, heat, cold, humidity - all of these factors can cause wood to expand and contract and in turn can cause warping and splitting. At holmes-made we inspect every piece of wood we use for it's suitability for the end purpose, however it is impossible to tell if a natural crack will appear and unfortunately this can and does happen. If this happens to your board please get in touch and we will endeavour to resolve the issue.

How do I clean my board?
To clean your board simply wipe it down with a wet cloth or scrub it lightly with a scourer and soapy water. It's best to dry it straight away and store away from heat sources such as ovens and radiators.
Never put your board in the dishwasher, this will damage it beyond repair, and do not soak your board as this will cause it to warp and crack.

Do I need to oil my board?
Your board will benefit from an occasional oiling. Use a natural food safe oil such as mineral oil, which is available widely online, or you can simply use walnut oil from any supermarket. Apply the oil sparingly with a piece of kitchen towel, wipe off the excess and allow to sink in overnight. Give it a buff with a soft cloth the next day and your board will be tip top again.

My board has warped what can I do?
Wood is a natural living object which absorbs humidity and moisture from the surrounding atmosphere and in certain conditions this can cause the wood to warp. holmes-made boards are made from a single piece of wood and are beautiful and useable on both sides, so if you are experiencing a slight warp, simply turn it over, use the other side and it will eventually right itself.

Is a plastic cutting board more hygienic than wood?
No! Absolutely not. There is plenty of science available to back this up but quite simply, bacteria lives on longer in the cracks made by your knife in a plastic board. Also, chemicals in the plastic can leach into your food as it sits on the board. Wood on the other hand has a natural tannin which acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent, killing off bacteria such as Salmonella and Listeria which can cause food poisoning. Wooden boards also do not dull your knives as much as plastic boards.

Why has my board gone fuzzy?
Over time your board may get a bit ‘fuzzy’. This is caused by the natural fibres of the wood reacting to moisture. To remedy this, simply rub down your dry board with a fine sandpaper and finish with oils as directed above.

How long will my board last?
Looked after properly your board should give you many years of use and enjoyment. Don’t be too precious with it - the more you use it the more character it will take on. Unfortunately though, unforeseeable natural cracks and splits can occur,  if you do have any of these issues then please get in touch and we will endeavour to resolve them.

Where do you get your wood from?
The timber we use is sourced from storm damaged trees from our own woodland, reclamation yards, local tree surgeons and FSC certified timber yards.

The board I received is different to the one pictured on your website?
Each and every holmes-made board is unique, no two are ever the same. Most of the time you will be purchasing the board pictured, but for some of the designs we will produce several boards of similar size and shape. If you are unhappy with the one you have received, please send it back for a replacement or refund.

What if I change my mind, can I return or exchange the item?
As mentioned previously, each board is unique so exchanges can be difficult. If you are not happy with your purchase for whatever reason, then please get in touch and we'll endeavour to reach a solution. Our returns policy and our terms and conditions can be found here:

Returns and Refunds

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